Analoge Repeaters

Callsign       PI2ASD

Frequentie TX 438.50000 MHz / RX 430.9000 MHz

CTCSS         110.9

Filters         Kathrein

Radio          Motorola Mc Micro


Callsign       PI3ASD

Frequentie TX 145.7875 MHz / RX 145.1875 MHz

CTCSS          110.9

Filters          Sincler

Radio           Motorla MC Micro


Location      Amsterdam West


We don't have digital repeaters (DMR, DSTAR or FUSION) in Amsterdam since 2020.  PI1AMS


We are looking for a sponsor to install a digital repeater.

We have space to install a digital repeater. Do you want to sponsor the users a repeater in Amsterdam? amsterdam(AT)